“Like basking in sunlight...”

Time with Candace is like basking in sunlight. Her touch is simultaneously energizing and relaxing, erotic and nurturing. She leaves you better than she finds you: more grounded, inspired, and whole.



"...one of the best self-care decisions I’ve ever made"

Candace has helped me work through some issues regarding my sexuality that I had thought were insurmountable. My head was all messed up with wrong ideas, but she helped simplify things which has allowed me move forward in multiple areas of my life. Accepting Candace into my life was one of the best self-care decisions I’ve ever made.



"As a mentor...."

Having known Candace for just over two years, she has become a dear friend and an mentor. Her connection to this universe, healing power and spirit continues to inspire me. When helping to start my Sensual Massage Studio, in addition to being a great emotional support she guided me in the setting up the studio and showed me the various avenues to advertise and find clients. For the first week, we worked together doing Double Goddess Sensual Massage sessions and when it was time for me to fly solo, I felt ready and well integrated into the space. Although I continue to work my full time job, the income from the studio has given me financial freedom that I've never know before. In addition, the studio has become a sacred place that allows me to step away from corporate American and decompress and share the gift of Sensual Massage with some wonderful men. Attending events at her Temple of Frolic continue to offer me experiences to grow as a person and practitioner. Candace has encouraged me to be true to myself when setting boundaries within both my personal life and with studio clients and this has been the biggest game changer in my life! She emits a pure, powerful vibe and I would highly recommend her as a mentor.

—Goddess Giselle



"Your video ... was inspirational"

The Conscious Cock Video ... was beautiful. I've never heard anyone talk that way, so openly and deep. It really touched me. It was inspirational... I really connected to what you said, like you put words to those deep and sometimes confusing feelings I have but can't seem to find the right words to. I love how you didn't hold anything back, you just put it all out there exactly how you felt it. Amazing and inspirational.... It helped me become more conscious of my own self and feelings. Thank you, Namaste.



"Today, I have energy, and I'm happy."

I'm usually drained and depressed after work, and reach for escapes when I get home. Today, I have energy, and I'm happy. It's like you jump-started my battery, yesterday. Thank you so much!


Our Inspiration

You are our inspiration to the amazing sex life we want.

—an anonymous couple

Thanks to you, .... I held my arousal

Dear Candace,

I just saw your video, I am in bed as well.  Honestly, I did not expect anything from your video. I joined the yoni appreciation group to learn more about sexuality and hopefully be a better partner for my lovely lady love.

I am 46, male, Indian, and I have never in my life held my arousal. I actually have never talked to my cock either.

Thanks to you, I took two minutes and held my arousal.

It felt amazing and for the first time in my life, I did not focus on coming. I enjoyed the long arousal time and the change in body I felt when I relaxed my cock.

Thank you sooo much, I will make it a point to talk to my sexual organs in the morning and say hello.

—Sending you love and energy from the Bay Area.

Don't miss this beautiful, artistic experience

Be prepared to leave your existing world and enter hers. It's a magical place, filled with love, sensitivity, and play. She takes you deep into into her eyes, your breath becomes one, and then she takes you on a sensual journey that transports you to a blissful plane. Most importantly, she does it with a wicked smile and entrancing charm. Don't miss out on this beautiful artistic experience. Your life and body will be exquisitely fulfilled.