Candace sees tantra as a way to engage with your entire life—expanding into enjoying more of your human experience. TANTRA IS EVERYTHING

In our tantric practice, we can study, feel, discover, and work with our internal and external energies to enhance our experience in our lives and bodies.

What is a tantra session?

The practice of tantra connects all things. A session with me is a blissening, where we shape the various elements of a person’s being into an energized cohesive whole.

Sexual energy is the most powerful force in the universe! I will show you how it can nourish all aspects of your life and your relationships, so you can enjoy your human experience to its entirety.

You will define what tantra means to you. It is entirely your choice as to what you'll do with the energy. It can simply be a sensual, energizing adventure, or it can be harnessed to address more specific needs or desires.

Our session can be:

  • a joyous exploration and journey into your body and spirit, with the companionship of a loving guide who has a deep connection to the divine
  • a learning experience to help awaken your understanding of your body and its ability to receive pleasure
  • a process of healing profound trauma or more everyday stresses.

Benefits of Our Tantra Sessions

In my tantra sessions, I take people for journeys inside their bodies and introduce themselves to themselves and their lives on a bigger level.

I want to help you to light up—to clear away all that is between you and your light, so that you can shine bright and see everything around you shining bright.  And I want to help create a positive relationship with your darkness, as well. Darkness can also be beautiful and amazing. To become whole, we must honor our darkness as well as our light. By honoring our pain, our darkness, our ugly, our ick, we can finally transcend it and get to the big big big yum yum yum!

In our sessions, you can:

  • Harness and reclaim the power of your energy, moving it throughout your body and playing with other energies.
  • Feel the oneness of divine energy, and discover the sacredness of your erotic nature.
  • Learn tools and techniques to enter into a more fully embodied sexual experience.
  • Find, process, and heal wounds of current and past relations and experiences.
  • Become enveloped in the potent energy of love that lives all around you.
  • Activate, awaken, and arouse your bliss!

We’ll expand beyond the fleeting mists of momentary satisfaction into vast seas of profound bliss. Through the time we share, I will guide you into a blissful expansion of enjoying your life.

The possibilities are endless. Dream big!