I’m Candace Marie, a dakini, a healer, a goddess, a tantric divinatrix, an embodiment of the many faces of the sexually empowered divine feminine. My entire life, I’ve felt a magnetic sexual energy flowing from me in great abundance. I open myself to you, to share this powerful energy.

Candace Marie (aka Elise Divine) is certified as a practitioner of Tantra, Reiki, and Thai massage, with additional formal training in spirituality, counseling, therapeutic massage, dance, sexuality, relationships, and more. Through losing her physical vision, she has developed a unique ability to see and reveal what is often hidden. Her bi-coastal practice is located in the Boston area and in San Diego, and she travels as well. Let her guide you with her loving heart and sensual erotic touch.


  • Tantra
  • Shamanism
  • Thai massage
  • constant improv
  • yoga
  • bdsm/kink


  • Certified in two international schools of tantra: Source School, and Ipsalu
  • Reiki practitioner
  • Addictions counselor and recovery coach
  • Thai Massage
  • Additional training in/through Quodoushka, Human Awareness Institute, Om, traditional massage, contact improvisation/movement art, and many more
Tantra is for someone who practices all the paths because all of the paths encompass Tantra.
— Frederick Lenz