Discover and embrace the abundance of pleasure-filled energy living inside you!

Candace and the #TempleofFrolic has landed a centrally-located temple in #SanDiego to begin her bicoastal traveling temple lifestyle. There are many NEW OFFERINGS such as regular travel to LA, San Jose, Chicago, DC, Arizona, Seattle, Oregon, Boston & around the US as well as a sliding scale tiered gratuity structure that makes my services accessible to even more people!!!. Join the mailing list or follow us on social media (below) to keep track of this traveling temple, or contact to request a visit to your location of choice!

Tiers of Offering

New tasty offerings with more options for you to choose from! There are now 4 tiers of offerings based on what kind of session you desire, how abundant you are feeling and what level you desire connecting. The experiences available in lower tiers are also available in higher tiers of experience. You'll see there's a sliding scale for each tier of offering. You can choose what feels best to you to donate as your hourly donation.


Tier 1

100-150 / hour

phone/video session, and live sessions involving coaching, body work, meditation and energy work. Provider is clothed as well as clients unless receiving massage


Tier 2

180-220 / hour

(includes Tier 1 offerings)

cuddling, all parties may undress into underwear, playful touch exploration and sensual dance.


Tier 3

260-320 / hour

(includes all lower tier treats too!)

all parties may fully undress, sensual touch, exploration of lower chakra energies in an intimate and physical way, and Acrossage Glide.


Tier 4

350-420 / hour

(includes all previous levels yummies too)

Goddess Worship, practitioner receives from student, learning the art of giving.

Click Here to learn more about each tier of offering - (more content) coming soon.


Sessions are available for individuals, couples, and larger groups.

  • Personally Tailored Packages of $1000.00 or more open up more offerings because I appreciate you showing your commitment with an abundant advanced offering.

  • Tantric Divinatrix Training has varying options to meet your personal daka/dakinin goals, Candace can discuss this opportunity with you more in depth over the phone. (program structure will be posted soon)

  • Most sessions last from 1 to 3 hours.

  • Extended sessions, travel/vacation, sacred Courtesean arrangment, companionship, overnights, and outings also available.

  • Advance notice is highly recommended. I will try to accommodate same-day appointments.

  • Bookings any day of the week 5am-11pm


Contact: 603-247-5288. Please feel free to call with any questions! No texts or emails, please.

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